Complete training management solutions

Your people are your strength. We believe in nurturing, supporting and empowering your workforce so they work more safely and with increased efficiency that will deliver outstanding productivity and performance for your customers.

Our unique blend of 3 solutions pillars can help you achieve operational excellence.

1. Training

3t EnerMech is a powerful partnership designed to help you build highly skilled, capable and conscientious teams that deliver for your customers. We do this through our tailor-made, accredited training programme that enhance your workforce development, safety and efficiency.

Our expert instructors deliver best-in-class learning experiences through real-time, fully immersive courses delivering training management services, competence consultancy and bespoke course creation.

3t EnerMech brings together EnerMech’s industry-specific knowledge with 3t’s best-in-class learning experience so that you can build a safer, smarter workforce that is fit for the future.

We also offer game-changing onsite modular and mobile training centres.

A rapid training deployment solution that allows training to be delivered in remote, challenging or project/asset-based locations anywhere in the world. These flexible training centre units can be rapidly installed in any configuration to best suit your training needs. Take a look at our Training centre configurator below.

2. Software & Technology

We believe in nurturing, supporting and empowering your workforce so they work more efficiently, with enhanced discipline, to deliver outstanding performance for your customers.

We have developed and use the latest software and most powerful training technology to fully prepare your people so they can perform with competence, transparency and confidence.

Our blended, fully customisable learning solutions draw on a range of software and technology tools to train and prepare your workforce, including video, e-learning, VR-learning and virtual reality digital twins, R3 micro-learning and Augmented Reality.

3. Simulators

3t EnerMech gives your workforce direct access to the most revolutionary technologies available in the learning sector, developed to teach, test and perfect specialist skills.

Simulation is one of the most effective methods of learning available and gives your people the chance to test safety critical, dangerous or challenging operations in a risk-free, supportive environment.

Using our wide range of simulation technology, we enhance the learning and competence experience for high hazard activities such as well control and crane operations. We will help select the right simulator solution for your operation with options ranging from compact on-site through to full-mission fixed simulators.

A specialist learning management system seamlessly connects the three pillars of our portfolio to give you full visibility on the progress and performance of each member of your team.

Learn how we can help transform the way you train your workforce to be safer, smarter and more efficient.

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